Word from our Managing Director

Dear music lover,

Welcome to our solutions for your future sound experience!

Here you will find information and specifications for our wide selection of solved mysteries to give you the ultimate sound experience - the finest High End loudspeakers that are available in the global market today.

The product lines presented on this web provide a base line for SEAS expertise. On this foundation, we also offer the possibility of custom-designed loudspeaker drivers and systems that will meet your unique requirements.

We welcome your ideas and opinions, and we respect them. Our company history contains many examples of customer's ideas that have sparked new and successful products.

I look forward to meeting all of you - to deepen already established relationships, and to begin many new ones. Perhaps we will meet at one of the many shows that SEAS attends around the world.

With kind regards

SEAS Fabrikker AS

Olav Mellum Arntzen
Managing Director


SEAS Sales & Marketing Department

The Sales & Marketing Department is situated in Moss, Norway, at the same address as the main office, R&D department and the factory.

Our highest goal is creating superior customer value; by focusing on quick response time, a friendly tone, and deep resepect for the customer's wants and needs.

Working closely with our R&D team, as well as our logistics and production departments, provides us with a great degree of flexibility and ability to meet our customer's demands.

This physical nearness allows to cooperate in an efficient manner with our customers to provide the customized solutions they require to make their products successful in the marketplace.



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