In the loudspeaker industry, manufacturers like ourselves, are always looking for new, exciting materials. When the TPCD cones came to market, they immediately caught the interest of many. We were no exception. From early on, we embarked on a long mission together with Composite Sound, with the end goal to make the ultimate cones. There have been countless simulations, testing, and sample assemblies. And here we are – some few years later, with the result.

We are more than proud to finally present and launch the second generation TPCD – the Metamodal TPCD. In itself the TPCD material exhibits exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio. The groundbreaking part is how the new Metamodal construction controls the inevitable cone break-up to push the boundaries of sound reproduction to an unprecedented level. This is achieved by its unique composition, combining thin spread carbon tapes in several layers where the thickness and stiffness, and the direction of the stiffness, is varied throughout the cone. Engineering the cone like this to optimise the modal break up of the cone make it possible to have it all - high stiffness, low weight and good damping.

The technological marvel of the cone enables the other parts of the driver to really shine as well. The W16NX005 loudspeaker driver incorporates a meticulously optimized linear and symmetric magnetic field with precisely fitted copper parts to also linearise the inductance. Thus eliminating unwanted distortions and allowing the driver to effortlessly handle all the dynamics in the music. Furthermore, the suspension system of the driver has been fine-tuned to provide unparalleled linearity and control. The carefully selected materials and optimized geometry work in perfect harmony, enabling the driver to respond swiftly and accurately to the input signal. Whether it's a gentle whisper or a thunderous roar, the W16NX005 maintains its composure, ensuring a truly immersive and engaging listening experience.

We understand that true audio enthusiasts demand nothing but the best, and the W16NX005 loudspeaker driver is designed to exceed those expectations. Its state-of-the-art technology, combined with experienced craftsmanship, results in a driver that represents the pinnacle of performance and precision. Immerse yourself in a world of unrivalled sound quality, where every note is rendered with astonishing clarity, depth, and realism.

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s seas Excel loudspeaker woofer 5 inch 16 cm E0115 08 W16NX005