We are so proud to finally present and launch our new Extreme 8-inch driver L22ROY2!

This driver has been in development for years and is based on our design philosophy with extreme excursion and low noise as it's big brother L26ROY. Perfect for use in applications where space is limited, but the need for extreme, detailed, and precise bass is high.

Bilde XM011

The name of the driver L22ROY2, indicates that we, after an internal revision, decided to move the advanced magnet system another step forward by optimizing it with an additional aluminium ring above the pole piece to reduce distortion even further with a symmetric and linear inductance for large excursions.

We are very happy with the results. The excursion possibilities and power handling in this driver can be pushed to the extreme.

The SEAS R&D favorite application for this driver is to use two parallel connected drivers in a closed box, mounted on opposite sides to reduce cabinet resonances. The low end should then be tuned to fit the room and your personal preference