Excel Nextel W12CY006 (E0091-08)

The new W12CY006 (E0091-08) is the second product recently launched into our updated Nextel Excel series, which brings the newly updated linear low-distortion magnet system design with titanium voice coil former into this series. It is a successor to the famous W12CY003 (E0044-08S). The new driver continues our high-end paper cone heritage with the 2-layer Nextel coating technology and as a special feature, the W12 also has a new edge coating. With the smooth frequency response, it is suitable as a dedicated midrange in a 3-way design.

E0091 08 W12CY006 small

Here is the datasheet for the new driver: W12CY006

The W12CY006 is featured with an edge-coating on the surround. It maintains a smooth response with no disturbances in the critical midrange and a roll-off profile allowing simple crossover networks to be used. In principle with the high bandwidth allowing for simple electrical 1. order crossovers.

The motor-design represents the state-of-the-art regarding linearity and low distortion. Low mechanical and electromagnetic damping ensure high quality reproduction of even the finest micro details in music. At the same time, the high-performance titanium voice coil former and its connection to the cone has very high power-handling, suitable for modern amplifiers (e.g. Class-D).

The W12CY006 has what listeners will experience as improved dynamic headroom, with the ability to keep focus when playing loud passages. Overall, the W12CY006 provides a remarkable balance, with a synergy of resolution of details and a non-aggressive presentation.

The color of the new coating is a bit lighter than previous designs and it now matches the color of our Excel Graphene products, such that paper and magnesium cone drivers can be combined in one loudspeaker design.


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