Precision cast, machined and surface treated magnesium cone acts as a piston through the audible frequency band without any sign of midrange resonances.

A unique radial reinforced rubber surround reduces resonances and prevents surround break up at large excursions.

Heavy copper rings mounted above and below the T-shaped pole piece reduce non linear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin.

The coaxially arranged precoated fabric dome high frequency unit has a low resonance frequency, and integrates with the cone driver to form a point source.

The extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket keeps the critical components in perfect alignment.
Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonances to a minimum.


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Frequency response
F Seas_Excel_loudspeaker_coaxial_E0051_C16N001_F--2   d_seas_excel_loudspeaker_coaxial_e0051_c16n001_f.jpg


 *IEC 268-5(Tweeter via high pass butterworth filter 3500 Hz, 12 dB/oct)  SEAS reserves the right to change technical data

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