New Technical Sales Manager at SEAS

SEAS of Norway announces Mr. Claus Futtrup as Technical Sales Manager.

As of September, Claus is employed as part of our sales team, with focus on providing strong technical support to sales.

Claus is educated at Aalborg University in Denmark, with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His speciality is material science. His thesis was about dynamic load material properties for a rubber compound with cotton fibers (for a fan-belt in a car motor). He is self-taught in the field of electro-acoustics, and has authored several technical AES papers on the subject.

Claus has 16 years of experience, all of them within leading companies in the high end loudspeaker industry. He has designed loudspeaker systems and transducers for home hifi as well as automotive and he is looking forward to providing you with qualified technical feedback on anything related to loudspeaker design.

In spite of the strong technical foundation, he realizes that designing good sounding loudspeakers is an artform.

Welcome to contact Claus on email:

We will solve the mystery of the breathtaking sound experience.