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SEAS with custom-made bass elements to Audiomoda and Aston Martins new audio system, The Zygote

Audiomoda, official licensee partner to prestigious Aston Martin,
has created the Zygote Audio System with key elements from SEAS.

Audiomoda gave SEAS the honorable job of creating loudspeaker drivers for The Zygote.
The bass driver is a custom-made SEAS woofer with a particularly long voice coil. This makes it possible for the Zygote to play extremely deep frequencies with stability and low distortion. To get an even more precise bass sound, we used a stiff aluminum membrane and dust cap. This driver is unique for the Zygote, and the result is a superb bass and powerful sound quality.

The Zygote is a high end, luxurious, wireless audio system with a sleek and minimalistic design and state of the art technology. This is an audio system not only for streaming, but also with several possibilities as far as analog and digital sound goes. To read more about The Zygote, click here.