Seas System Designs are developed to give everyone the possibility to listen to our drivers in a complete loudspeaker system. In addition to a detailed description of complete systems, we also present crossovers and sketches to boost your own design ideas. Besides using well-known designers like Joseph d’Appolito and Murray Zeligman, our Seas R&D team spends hours listening - not only to our products, but to finished systems they design themselves. All of this experience and knowledge we are pleased to share with you through this section of the website.

As a part of our quest for a breathtaking sound, we have cooperated with Siegfried Linkwitz for several years. His designs are unique and challenge our ideas about what a speaker should look like in order to reproduce sounds naturally in a room. The resulting designs can be found at

Title Created Date Hits
SEAS Loki MkIII 01 July 2016 84940
BRAGI 06 November 2015 60457
SEAS KingRO4Y Mk II 13 June 2014 180344
SEAS A26 Kit 25 February 2014 111930
DELLING 11 October 2013 65796
BIFROST 11 October 2013 87876
FROY MK3 11 October 2013 51724
TRYM 11 October 2013 68316
ODIN MK3 11 October 2013 61133
THOR 11 October 2013 117011
MIMIR 11 October 2013 93693
IDUNN 11 October 2013 101088