SEAS Exotic

SEAS Exotic

seas_exotic_250x70.jpgSeas Exotic is combining more than 60 years of Seas experience with the newest technology available.

These drivers are addressing the market that requires ultra high end, high efficiency transducers.

All drivers are carefully measured and approved by the SEAS Quality Control people, before we ship them out from Moss in Norway.

Ease. Air. Clarity. The effortless SEAS Exotic sound.

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Exotic Fullrange

Welcome to our SEAS Exotic Fullrange driver product page.

All datasheets are downloadable as pdf files. For further information, please contact one of our world wide distributors, or send an email to

Item 22cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
X1-04  Exotic F8 26 mm 31 Hz 146 0.39 Wide bandwidth, papyrus paper cone, AlNiCo magnet system
X1-08 Exotic F8 26 mm 32 Hz 143 0.44 Wide bandwidth, papyrus paper cone, AlNiCo magnet system