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SEAS Excel

logo_seas_excel.jpgSEAS Excel drive units have been designed for the discerning listener who will accept nothing less than the very best. SEAS Excel drive units challenge the state of the art; combining world-class engineering with advanced materials and precise manufacturing techniques.



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Excel Woofers

The SEAS Excel woofer Line offers 2 proprietary cone materials, available in drivers sized from 12 cm to 26 cm. SEAS is the only loudspeaker company in the world to offer high purity, die-cast and machined magnesium cones. These cones feature extremely high stiffness along with good internal damping. SEAS Excel Magnesium cone drivers are world renowned for their high definition, low distortion and sound reproduction.

For those listeneres preferring soft cone drivers, the SEAS Excel Line offers our exclusive Nextel series. Excel Nextel drives feature a "sandwich" construction of paper, coated with Nextel paint on the front surface and damping compound on the rear. The resulting cone is both lightweight and well damped; offering an extreremly linear frequency response.

All SEAS Excel woofers feature advanced motor structures utilizing copper shorting rings above and below the gap, as well as solid metal phase plugs for superior acoustical performance and enhanced cooling.


Item 12cm units  VC diam  Fo VAS  QTS Features
E0021-08S  W12CY001 26 mm 45 Hz 6 liter  0.36 Magnesium cone
E0044-08S W12CY003 26 mm 60 Hz 4 liter  0.36 Nextel coated paper cone
E0070-08 W12CY004 26 mm 48 Hz 5 liter 0.38 Graphene magnesium cone
E0091-08 W12CY006 26 mm 72 Hz 3 liter 0.40 Edge coated Nextel paper cone
Item 15cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0015-08S W15CY001  26 mm  38 Hz  14 l 0.36  Magnesium cone
E0037-08S W15CH001 26 mm 38 Hz 14 l 0.42 Magnesium cone, Hexadym system
E0041-08S W15LY001 26 mm 49 Hz 12 l 0.45 Nextel coated paper cone and chassis
E0043-06S M15CH002 26 mm 67 Hz  6 l 0.40 Nextel coated paper cone and chassis, Hexadym system
E0049-04S W16NX001 39 mm 37 Hz 15 l 0.33 Magnesium cone
E0049-08S W16NX001 39 mm 39 Hz 14 l 0.35 Magnesium cone
E0073-08 W16NX003 39 mm 36 Hz 17 l 0.34 Graphene magnesium cone
E0115-08 W16NX005 39 mm 40 Hz 18 l 0,32 Metamodal TPCD cone
Item 18cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0017-08S W18EX001 39 mm 34 Hz 30 0.26 Magnesium cone
E0018-08S W18E001 39 mm 34 Hz 30 0.42 Magnesium cone
E0042-08S W18NX001 39 mm 40 Hz 24 0.34 Nextel coated cone and chassis
E0074-08 W18EX003 39 mm 32 Hz 29 0.30 Graphene magnesium cone
E0096-08 W18NX003 39 mm 35 Hz 31 0.34 Nextel coated paper cone
E0076-08 W19NX001 39 mm 34 Hz 24 0.41 Graphene magnesium cone
Item 22cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Feastures
E0022-08S W22EX001 39 mm 25 Hz 98 liter 0.34 Magnesium cone
E0077-08 W22NX001 39 mm 25 Hz 93 liter 0.39 Graphene magnesium cone
E0045-08S W22NY001 39 mm 33 Hz 72 liter 0.30 Nextel coated cone and chassis
Item 26cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0026-08S W26FX001  52 mm  20 Hz  162 liter  0.35  Aluminium/magnesium alloy cone
E0046-08S  W26FX002  52 mm  31 Hz 87 liter  0.39 Nextel coated paper cone and chassis
Excel Tweeters

SEAS Excel Dome Tweeters are available in 25 mm, 29 mm and 35mm diaphragm sizes, with dome materials of textile, beryllium and diamond.

All Excel tweeters utilize extremely stiff front plates for maximum stability transfer and minimum cabinet induced vibration.

Excel tweeters feature advanced magnet systems that combine high magnetic flux with optimum venting of the critical areas behind the dome. They utilize magnets of high strength ferrite or neodymium, depending on the model. Large vent holes in the pole piece combined with critically placed damping materials and optimally shaped rear chambers result in smooth frequency response and low resonance frequency.

In the White Diamond, Millennium and Crescendo tweeters our patented Hexadym magnet system further reduces reflections and back pressure by allowing full venting of the voice coil gap and the space behind the dome surround.

Item 25 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
E0006-06 T25CF001 25 mm 700 Fabric, magnetic fluid
E0011-06 T25CF002 25 mm 500 Fabric, hexadym magnet system, magnetic fluid
Item 29 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
E0040-06 T29CF002 25  mm 500 Fabric, hexadym magnet system, Nextel coating
E0058-06 T29B001 25 mm 533 Beryllium, neodymium magnet system
E0100-04 T29D001 25 mm 510 Diamond, hexadym magnet system
E0101-04 T29D002 25 mm  510  Diamond, hexadym magnet system
Item 35 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
E0055-06 T35C002 35 mm 620 Coated fabric, neodymium magnet system
Excel Coaxial Drivers

SEAS designed and manufactured its first coaxial drivers more than 20 years ago.
Early on, R&D engineer Bjørn Børja recognized the unique possibilities created by the new neodymium magnet technologies; allowing us to design a high performance tweeter in a very compact package. SEAS has continuously refined coaxial driver technology over the years, and today remains the only loudspeaker driver manufacturer to make this unique technology available to the OEM and hobbyist markets.

Never standing still, the R&D lab recently decided to see what could be accomplished by applying our state of the art Excel technology to a coaxial drive unit. The answer can be found in our new Excel C16N001/F, and the results are amazing.

Item  16cm coax  VC diam  Fo  VAS QTS Features
E0051-04/06    C16N001/F  39 mm  37 Hz    15 0.49 Magnesium cone, double chamber tweeter
E0080-04/06 C16NX001/F 39 mm 35 Hz 16 0.31 Graphene Magnesium cone, double chamber tweeter
 Item 18cm coax VC diam  Fo  VAS QTS Features
E0060-08/06 C18EN002/A 39 mm 85 Hz 5 0.54 Dedicated midrange, aluminium/magnesium cone and tweeter dome