Dark Diamond Launch

The SEAS Diamond tweeters represent the ultimate sound reproduction quality at high frequencies, flawless, clean, uncolored and natural.

The new Dark Diamond, E0101-04, is essentially the same tweeter as the well renown White Diamond.

The Dark Diamond launches on popular requests from the market. With its beautifully precision machined, black anodized aluminium faceplate, which is horn loaded for a smooth frequency response, maximum stability and smooth appearance, we dare to claim:

This is what the best sound in the world looks like!

s seas Excel loudspeaker tweeter E0101 T29D002 1

Through 2018 and into the spring of 2019 the diamond tweeter was optimized for better performance in the 1-40 kHz frequency range and with improvements in the production processes as well, for higher linear excursion (FEA optimized suspension, verified by measurements) with lower distortion at low frequencies, smoother response and better batch-to-batch consistency.

To facilitate this development, SEAS has invested more than 300 hours of engineering, as well as a new Brüel & Kjær NEXUS conditioning preamplifier which is linear to above 100 kHz, and a Benchmark AHB2 analog power amplifier with low distortion and low noise well beyond 100 kHz, such that the entire measurement chain is geared towards high-res and high-frequency audio measurements.

Please note, the data sheet shows the frequency response all the way up to 90 kHz.

The Dark Diamond is a new product, which is launched as a milestone marker in the development of this ultra-high-end product. It stands for truthful high-res audio reproduction with outstanding clarity and dynamic capability in mind. Pure fidelity.


Summer closing: SEAS is closed from Friday afternoon, July 12th and we open again on Monday, August 5th. We wish you a great summer!


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