27TAC/GB (H1825-06) and L16RNX3 (H1869-08)

Please welcome the new Titan product line in the Prestige Series, which implements FEA-optimised magnet systems with copper caps and rings, and titanium voice coil formers, also in the tweeters, in combination with matte black aluminium cones and domes. In the past, only our White Diamond tweeter utilized titanium voice coil formers to ensure very high powerhandling. The non-conductive former doesn’t add any damping to the excursion to allow a dynamic sound and precise transfer of transients.

prestigetitan family launch

The new L16RNX3 woofer has a new and stiffness-optimised black alu-cone with the resonance peak higher in frequency, which gives higher bandwidth than common aluminium cones and which allow for easier crossover design. The drivers are packaged and sold in pairs. Please see the H1869-08 datasheet for details.

The new 27TAC/GB tweeter has a new black anodized aluminium alloy diaphragm with pistonic behaviour throughout the audible frequency range, resulting in a good dispersion also above 10kHz. A new redesigned and optimised rear chamber and matching internal damping for a smooth and resonance free response and for best possible low-frequency roll-off. The drivers are packaged and sold in pairs. Please see the H1825-06 datasheet for details.

Low mechanical and electromagnetic damping ensure high quality reproduction of even the finest micro details in music. At the same time the high-performance titanium voice coil former and its connection to the cone has very high powerhandling, suitable for modern amplifiers (e.g. Class-D). Therefore, the driver has exceptional high dynamic capability, which the light and stiff aluminium cone or dome transfers into clean and undistorted sound, suitable for modern High-Res audio.


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