In cooperation with SEAS, Claus Futtrup is proud to present this scientific article, which was co-authored with Dr. Jeff Candy, PhD.

The article is titled "An Added-Mass Measurement Technique for Transducer Parameter Estimation" and is published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, December 2017.

This paper introduces a novel measurement procedure, where a total of three impedance measurements conducted in free-air makes it possible to extract the lumped parameters of the transducer, including viscoelasticity. Jeff and Claus spent the better part of two years and it was condensed into the present paper around March 2017, first submitted to the AES in April 2017.

If you're an AES member, you can login and check out page 31 in the PDF file for the magazine (page 1005 of this years AES Journal). Here's a direct link to the article itself:

Have fun, and here at SEAS we wish you a happy New Year.