13. November: We welcome a recently hired engineer to our R&D Department and hereby introduce Jorge as part of our team:

My name is Jorge Lopez and I am very glad to be part of the SEAS family. I am a telecommunication engineer specialized in sound and image from the University of Alicante in Spain. Although I attended several subjects related to acoustic sciences during my bachelor studies, it was thanks to my thesis on Distributed Mode Loudspeakers that I became fascinated by the engineering behind sound reproduction. Taking advantage of the academic momentum back then I presented a poster at the 2010 AES convention in London and later that year I enrolled into a master’s program in telecommunication and industrial research. As part of my master studies I carried out my master thesis at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) where I researched the suitability of different psychoacoustic bass algorithms for low-frequency enhancement in small loudspeakers. Once I completed my studies I moved to Asia where I worked as a transducer engineer in one of the leading companies in the audio industry worldwide.

I am very excited about this new career path that opens ahead here at SEAS. I am looking forward to sharing and making use of my engineering capabilities and expertise with the team while I learn from their passion for providing superb sound reproduction systems.

In my leisure time I enjoy outdoors activities such as hiking, scouting or skiing, as well as other sports and of course discovering new places and cultures to learn from.

Your are welcome to contact me via email at: jorge@seas.no or by phone at: +47 9400 2804