New PBN-KIT with SEAS drivers

Peter Bichel Nørbæk, founder of PBN-Audio, has just launched a new kit using SEAS products. This is a build-it-yourself speaker kit, which is expected to become popular in the consumer market, as it is perfect to assemble at home.

SEAS drivers

SEAS deliver two different drivers to the CX871 kit. The first one is the H1699-08/06 MR18REX/XF 7” Midrange Coaxial Loudspeaker (top), with a pre-coated reed-paper cone. The cone acts as a horn loading for the tweeter in this amazingly compact driver, providing superbly balanced sound. The coax ensures a level of stereophonic imaging, which cannot be obtained in other ways.

The second driver is the H1208-08 L22RN4X/P 8” Aluminum Cone Woofer. It features a 4-layer, high-temperature voice coil. It is a driver with an extremely “stiff” cone with great bass precision, plenty of power handling and low-frequency extension. Two units per speaker works well with the midrange.

Advanced electronics

PBN has dedicated years of engineering to support the technology of this kit. The kit uses advanced electronics to achieve the best possible results, and is delivered with full technological support in the form of careful instructions to make is manageable for the everyday loudspeaker enthusiast, as well as the more professional, skilled DIY’er. Peter is known for his advanced crossovers, which ensure that the drivers blend perfectly together and he doesn’t compromise on the components, so for example he doesn’t use standard values (which would imply rounding errors that affects the cooperation between the drivers), instead one must use the exact component values. Due to this no-compromise approach, you can expect a sound quality of exceptional good sound stage (width, depth and height), homogenous sound and pinpoint imaging precision. The bass is well balanced with the midrange and with plenty of low-frequency output as well as very high power handling capacity. The system works well for both home-audio application as well as a precision studio monitor. We are sure the quality is so good, this could be your final system.

Find the kit

The CX871 cabinet can be purchased from PBN Audio. It is constructed with genuine hardwood veneer and finished with PBN’s trademarked finish LiquidVelvet, however the DIY speaker builder is also welcome to build his own cabinets in desirable finish. CX871 is a kit of reasonable pricing, which will deliver you with excellent sound quality. «It’s all about what you hear».
To read more about the kit, click here to find more information.

The CX871 is available as a completed speaker system through PBN Audio, or as a DIY kit through Madisound for those looking to build their own cabinets and assemble.

The kit will also be demonstrated by Madisound at the Los Angeles Audio Show (LAAS) on Friday 02-04. June. There you can test, see and listen to the kit.

CX871 Front