Guangzhou AV-Fair 2016

Another year is ending, and we will round up 2016 with our annual trip to the Guangzhou AV-Fair in China. Attendees this time will be CEO Olav Mellum Arntzen and Julien Wang.

The subject of our room will revolve around building your own High-End System with SEAS drivers. We are premiering our brand new H1794-08 FEA18RCZ full range unit. The FEA18RCZ is an 18cm (6.5”) full range driver, offering excellent efficiency and extended bandwidth in a more compact package. It contains a blue-grey paper cone with papyrus fibers, a large spider that provides low mechanical resistance, a large ferrite ring and a stiff and stable injection molded zinc chassis to keep the critical components perfectly aligned.
You are welcome to visit us in our show room No.435 at Dong Fang Hotel, 18th-20th November. Here you can meet Olav and Julien, and you will be able to take a closer look at the FEA18RCZ.
Both Olav and Julien will be available for meetings during the show, please contact to find a suitable time. They will also be visiting other rooms at the fair, and are looking forward to seeing, and of course listening to audio systems from several different segments.
For more information about the fair, click here.
我们的CEO 欧理森先生将会出席本次广州展,西雅士展房位于广州东方宾馆435房,期待各位爱好者和OEM客户的光临。