New King Coax

The resurrection of the E0057-08/06 is finally here. The E0060-08/06 is the new and improved version, and from September, it will replace the E0057.

A few years ago, SEAS launched a superior coaxial midrange driver named C18EN001/M.
The product was sensitive to extreme environmental conditions, and because of this, we decided to withdraw it from the market.
Since then, we have spent time improving the design, and have now come up with an improved driver that outperforms the previous one.
The new driver utilizes a cone and tweeter diaphragm with a white coated aluminum/magnesium alloy.
The Neobase magnet system has a reinforced massive top plate to enhance stability and good coupling between the magnet system and basket.
The E0057-08/06 is dead. Long live the E0060-08/06 C18EN002/A!

History of the King Coax

This has been an important project for a long time at SEAS. It all started when one of our studio monitor clients asked us to develop a monitor, a midrange coax and a 22cm woofer. We decided to create the best coax speaker we possibly could.

The special part of this unit is the midrange midrange-coax, with a large midrange membrane, which does not require much movement. This gives the tweeter the best possible working conditions.

The King Coax received its name from the copper ring under the tweeter. When we opened up the ring to reduce the dip in the frequency, it resembled the look of a crown. A coax with such good results and a crown, the name King Coax seemed to fit perfectly.

Read all about the E0060-08/06 on the datasheet here. The E0060-08/06 is available for order now.

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