Loki kit and refinement of the T18 coax driver

Here at SEAS we are closing up for summer, but before we do, let us share some of our news for fall 2016!

We have now removed the TV-shielding from our old T18 coax, due to the fact that CRT screens are getting rare these days.
The new H1353-08/06 T18REX/XFC is acoustically the same driver as the H1333-08/06 T18RE/TVXFC.
The H1353 is available for ordering now. Please note that the H1333 will still be available for a limited period to our distributors, and only as an OEM product in the future.

We are also happy to announce that the appreciated kit named "LOKI" is updated as an application note for the H1353. Read all about the LOKI kit here.

To place an order, please contact mail@seas.no or contact your local distributor.



SEAS will be closed for summer from July 16 to August 07. We wish you a warm and happy summer!