Winners from China visit SEAS

An online Chinese HifiDIY forum created a competition where a vast number of contestants competed for a trip to Norway, and a visit to SEAS. The two winners were student He Zhang and photography teacher Huang Xiao De.

May has been a month of great events here at SEAS, and having two true sound enthusiasts coming over has been a highlight. The two prizewinners were part of a design competition, where the contestants collaborated on how to use SEAS elements as a part of an M18 midrange driver. The development of the M18 came about during the competition, as SEAS took the inputs of the contestants into consideration. The winning design sparked a huge group buy, and everyone who participated in the group buy, got a chance to win. He Zhang (24), from the Shandong Province in Northern China was the winner of the design challenge, while Huang Xiao De (53), from the southern part of China, and was the contests “lucky winner”, picked at random from the buyers.

He Zhang, is a metal student with a passion for sound and loudspeakers. He used SEAS’ White Diamond as the main element of his design.
- I have used SEAS elements in many of my designs before. I have used many of the DIY kits. For this competition, I used The White Diamond, it is very special, he explains. I like to use nature and architecture when I design. I use a lot of wood and metal, and I like it when the bass is almost at the floor. I think this gives me a deeper sound.

Huang Xiao De is also enthusiastic about sound, and has several SEAS elements at home. Although he did not win the design challenge, he was crowned the “lucky winner”, and could come with He Zhang to Norway.
- It has been a fantastic trip, he says. It is very interesting to see the factory and how the elements are made by hand. I am taking pictures of everything and I will keep the photos forever, Huang says.

Accompanied by our delegation from China, He and Huang Xiao took the opportunity to visit the High End show in Munich. Very appropriate for two sound enthusiasts who happen to be in Europe at the same time. This experience has truly been a joy for us at SEAS. We congratulate the winners!



The M18 Midrange driver, developed by SEAS and the members of the HiFiDIY Online Forum, here presented by Diego Ivars

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The winners, He Zhang, number two from the left and Huang Xiao De, number four from the left, accompanied by the rest of the Chinese delegation.