Assembling of cabinets has been a great addition to our core production for years, 
and now we are taking it one step further for the Swedish brand Procella.
We are proud to announce that our first shipment of Procella cabinets P28 has left the building. 
Procella has provided us with their full confidence, and we are now committed to assembling a selection of their cabinets. 
We are also taking care of end QC, packing and shipment of the finished products, in addition to providing drive units
to their loudspeaker systems.
At SEAS, we have gained a lot of experience in assembling cabinets over the years, and we are excited 
for this new collaboration with Procella.
Procella is a Swedish brand specializing in cinema and home cinema sound-systems. 
They create excellent sound quality, taking the movie experience to the next level. 
We are grateful and proud to be a part of Procellas supply chain.
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