Times are a changing in the audio industry. Generation gaps are getting bigger and markets are drifting towards different shores.
This made our recent visit to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest an interesting experience for the SEAS team, represented by Claus, Grethe and Olav.

Not only is the location near the beautiful Rocky Mountains worth the trip alone, meeting and greeting our customers and collaborators is just as inspiring as the many exhibitions available at the RMAF. To display and demonstrate high-end sound in a small hotel room is truly an art, and we were impressed by the performance level of the many exhibitors. With tailored music and an ability to communicate features about the products, the experience was a true joy.

We were happy to work together with Linkwitz and Madisound again, and many listeners found their way to the demo of the loudspeaker systems LX521 and the LX Mini. The LX Mini is based on SEAS drivers FU10RB and L16RN-SL. You can read more about the LX Mini kit here.

Thank you to The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for a great exhibition. Also a big thank you to all our collaborators at Linkwitz and Madisound for a great couple of days.