Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and Show in Guangzhou

It’s now a few weeks since the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado.

We were pleased to find such a great representation of SEAS drivers in many different loudspeaker systems, and we want to thank each and every exhibitor that has given us such strong support, by putting their faith in our products.

We are also very happy to report that the show was, once again, a great success for the exhibiting team of Madisound, Linkwitz Lab, and SEAS. Thanks in no small part to the wonderful sounds coming from both the LX 521 and the new LXmini loudspeakers, our combined exhibit in Room 418 was packed full of eager attendees for the entire duration of the show.

Among the many visitors to our room was Herb Reichert, reviewer for Stereophile magazine. You can read his report here:

The enthusiasm over the new Linkwitz speaker extended to the Madisound room, where all the SEAS drivers used in the LXmini and LX521 systems were displayed, along with all the available wood parts, crossovers, and other components necessary for building the Linkwitz kits.

Our sincere thanks to Brian Kane and Adam Johnson at Madisound, and to Siegfried and Eike Linkwitz for all their great efforts in organizing and accomplishing yet another great show!

In a few weeks, SEAS will attend the High End Show in Guangzhou. The show will be held in the Dong FangHotel and we will exhibit with our distributor in China, Image Audio 

Our Managing Director, Olav Arntzen, and our Marketing Manager, Grethe Årum, will both be in attendance for the duration of the show. They will be visiting all exhibit rooms during the course of the show.

If you would like to set up a meeting with either Olav or Grethe during the show, please contact us at