Welcome to our newly designed web pages!

The new SEAS web design offers a refreshingly modern style, but more importantly, it's now easier for you to search for product information and datasheets. In addition to this, we have optimized the new design for browsing with tablets and smart phones, giving you a handy way to access SEAS information regardless of platform.

Along with our new web site, we're also launching a completely new section entitled "SEAS Sound Solutions". These pages describe our OEM and business-to-business system design activities. Sound Solutions has been an ongoing part of SEAS business for over 10 years; starting with OEM projects for Tandberg Video Conferencing Systems and expanding to other customers in Scandinavia and the Far East.

We hope you find these new pages helpful in finding the exact SEAS product for your needs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at mail@seas.no