Compact neodymium magnet tweeter with a square chassis for high quality speaker
design in small cabinets or automobiles.

Aluminium/magnesium alloy diaphragm with pistonic behaviour throughout the
audible frequency range, resulting in a good dispersion also above 10kHz.
Sonotex surround for excellent mechanical linearity.

A Hexagrid protects the diaphragm, and supports a phase plate which compensates
for a slight axial roll off towards 20 kHz.

The construction of the magnet system results in very low magnetic stray fields
since the magnet is enclosed in a soft steel housing. Thus, this unit is immediately
ready for Audio-video systems.

The voice coil is immersed in magnetic fluid, allowing high power handling capacity
and simplified crossover design.

pdf Download Datasheet 25TAFN/QG
Frequency response
f_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_tweeter_h0623_25tafn_qg.jpg   d_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_tweeter_h0623_25tafn_qg.jpg


 *IEC 268-5, via High Pass Butterworth Filter 2500Hz 12 dB/oct. SEAS reserves the right to change technical data