Auditorium / Surround

Installations for auditoriums focus on impressive sound and SPL at all frequencies for a wide audience. Our sound solutions are individually designed in each case to fulfill the customers' requirements.

Seas auditorium surround

To meet this level of installations, SEAS has developed the AV-6X Series auditorium speakers.

The SEAS AV-60 is ideal as a front speaker for small auditoriums, or as a back/surround speaker in larger auditoriums.

The SEAS AV-61 is the center speaker, carefully designed to match the AV-62 front speaker.

The SEAS AV-62 is the front speaker for larger auditoriums.

In addition, SEAS has developed two unique, patented horn subs.

These subs are using the principal of folded horn with back loaded drivers. This means that you will have a very high output SPL, with limited power input, in a compact enclosure.

The AV-80 is a two-dimensional horn subwoofer with a single 10" driver

The AV-81 is a three-dimensional folded horn subwoofer with two 10" drivers

Depending on the size of the auditorium, we will suggest a recommended choice of subwoofer solution.

Highlights for the AV-6X series:


  • AV-60 surround family cropped

  • SEAS AV-22 Sub Front
  • SEAS AV-22 SUB Couple
  • SEAS AV-22 Sub Back