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In the late 1920s, at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), the first Norwegian electrodynamic SEAS joy lite
loudspeaker drivers were designed. Ever since, Norwegian engineers have been leading the technology
race in driver design.
From its founding in 1950 as a spin-off of the Norwegian radio manufacturers Radionette and Tandberg,
SEAS has been dedicated to creating loudspeakers with superior sound reproduction. The company, whose
name means Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems, has remained in the forefront of European driver
manufacturers for more than 60 years. During this time, SEAS has evolved its products line - from a wide
selection of standard drivers for radio and TV sets to the highly innovative customer influenced Hi-Fi drivers
offered today.
We also have 10 years of experience with the AV-market, and have since 2011 worked to establish the SEAS
brand as an independent actor and supplier of high quality loudspeakers for this exciting segment.