Thursday 30 May will be a milestone in the SEAS history.

We arranged a really successful convention here in Moss. We had top experts lecturing, and a wide variety from the Norwegian sound reproduction environment exchanging experience, knowledge and opinions.

The demo we held in our meeting room astonished the attendees. We played quite “base-heavy” music on ceiling mounted speakers called Joy, and the response was massive. We knew at that point we are on our way “To Solve The Mystery Of The Breathtaking Sound Experience”.

We would like to give you all the opportunity to listen to these fantastic speakers, and enclose here the application note/kit suggestion, so you can build your own version of these.
It utilizes only the Excel Coaxial driver – C16N001/F.


Please note that SEAS will be closed for Summer holiday from 15 July to 05 August

 SEAS joy