As part of the commitment SEAS made in 2011 regarding development and sales of professional AV-speakers for Video Conferencing, meeting rooms and auditoriums, we proudly announce we will arrange a convention here in Moss on Thursday 30 May.

We have invited some of Norway’s top experts on sound in AV-installations to Moss. They will all hold lectures with emphasis on the importance of sound reproduction.

The approximately 50 signed participants will hopefully get both an educational and interesting day, with exchange of knowledge and increased network within their profession.

We will combine this with a 2 hour tour around SEAS, and a nice concert in the evening. It’s going to be a sound experience the participants will never forget!

This year’s event is fully booked, but maybe we’ll see you next year?

Further queries and more information is available from Sigbjørn Bergane:

 møterom 1