New addition to the Excel Tweeter Line Product Group.

Again, SEAS confirms its position as the world's leading manufacturer og High End Tweeters.

Few months after the successful launch of the SEAS White Diamond, we now introduce another outstanding loudspeaker.

Our latest addition to the Excel tweeter product group is the T35C002, E0055-06.
A classic large dome tweeter with high sensitivity and smooth, extended frequency response. The high efficiency Neodymium
Ring Magnet System contributes to the high sensitivity and low distortion.
An underhung 35 mm voice coil wound from copper clad aluminium enhances the sensitivity even further.
Already proven its superb properties in the A26 kit, the T35C002 tweeter has become the preferred choice also in many other

R&D manager Håvard Sollien sums up the new tweeter as follows:

  • Very high sensitivity providing excellent dynamics
  • Can be crossed low without audible distortion, even at high SPLs.
  • Super easy to design cross overs, becuase of the smooth response.
  • Updated and innovative exterior design

The T35C002 is now available for deliveries. Please contact your nearest distributor, or SEAS direct on
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We will solve the mystery of the breathtaking sound experience.