SEAS at The Burning Amp Festival

SEAS is pleased to announce that we will participate in the annual Burning Amp Festival held in San Francisco, California on Oct. 28th.
The Burning Amp Festival is a unique event that brings together highly dedicated members of the DIY community with world renowned industry professionals, for a day of discussion, technical seminars, and product demonstrations. Representing us at the show will be John Stone, who has worked with SEAS in North America for over 18 years. He will be on hand to answer any questions about SEAS products from show attendees.

The Burning Amp Festival will also mark the launch and first public demonstration of an exciting new dipole loudspeaker from Linkwitz Laboratories: The LX 521. Based on 6 high performance SEAS drivers per speaker, including two brand new custom midrange units, the LX 521 promises to generate a tremendous amount of interest and enthusiasm within the DIY community, and among music lovers worldwide.  To learn more about the LX 521 click here:

For  information on attending the Burning Amp Festival, click here: