New L26RO4Y

New L26R04Y Subwoofer.
This month, SEAS launches the newest addition to our DESIGN product line:
The L26RO4Y subwoofer, developed in cooperation with Linkwitz Laboratories in Corte Medera, California, the L26RO4Y will see its
first application in two new versions of the highly acclaimed Linkwitz ORION open baffle loudspeaker. The L26RO4Y substantially
improves the ORION's bass performance and dynamic capabilities.
We at SEAS are also very proud that the ORION loudspeaker now uses all SEAS drive units!

To quote Mr. Siegfried Linkwitz:
"There is more to a woofer than its published TS small signal parameters and X-max, derived from mechanical measurements.
In the Orion's open baffle, a woofer operates in the large signal domain; and its distortion, dynamic stability and limiting behavior
determine the sound. An open baffle is the most demanding and difficult environment for a long throw woofer."

To meet these stringent demands, the L26RO4Y subwoofer builds upon the already excellent chassis, magnet system, cone,
and surround of our L26ROY.  An all new FEA designed spider and 4 layer voice coil  wound on a stiff glass fibre former have been employed, resulting in
a driver with ultra long throw, very low distortion, and extremely  stable mechanical operation under all conditions; including open baffle systems.
The low Qts and Fs are ideally suited for active open baffle bass systems, but the L26RO4Y can also produce excellent results in enclosure based subwoofer
and multi-way systems.

For a complete set of specifications on the L26RO4Y, please check the Design page  pdf file.

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