New SEAS Coaxial Speaker

SEAS coaxial Technology raises the bar for small loudspeaker performance.

Over the last few years, there has been an unmistakable increase in demand for smaller loudspeakers with higher quality sound. We all know the challenges:
Small loudspeakers have to move a lot of air to create bass,
while at the same time be capable of accuarately reproducing delicate high frequencies. These trends have led to the further refinement of small fullrange drivers in various products such as computer speakers and other personal audio products.

SEAS wanted performance beyond what even the very best small fullrange drivers could offer. To achieve this, we had to look no further than our very own advanced coaxial driver technology. With nearly 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance coaxial drivers, we set our sights on developing a coaxial design that would set new standards of performance sound quality in a small enclosure.

The result is our new L12RE/XFC coaxial driver, which delivers the superior sound quality you would expect from a SEAS Prestige driver, and offers the following advantges over conventional fullrange designs:

  • True fullrange, high-End performance in very compact package
  • Higher SPL capability and low distortion
  • Precise imaging and stable soundstage over a wider listening area
  • Legendary SEAS contruction and quality control
  • Field replaceable tweeter module

Samples are available ex stock. Please contact Mrs Grethe Aarum for further information on email
or telephone +47 94002813.