New SEAS Sales Coordinator

We welcome Mr. Øyvind Thorvaldsen to the SEAS sales and marketing dept.

Øyvind came to work for us on 31 January, and will focus on sales and marketing related issues, which, according to Øyvind himself, is kind of a dream come true. He will primarily be working with the Scandinavian and central European markets, and will also be the contact person for most of our distributors.

Øyvind built his first loudspeakers at the age of 15, and has since then had a great passion for music and sound reproduction. In 1991 he started his professional carreer in a little HiFi Shop here in Moss, and since then he has not been working with anything else but music/sound related goods. His last job, up until he joined SEAS, was as manager of the Moss branch of HiFi Klubben, a large HiFi retail chain in Scandinavia.

Being born and brought up in Moss, it was always his ambition to come here and work for SEAS. He is really looking forward to getting started. He is of course excited about getting to know the crew here, but even more so to meet with all of our customers and partners out there.
Øyvind has a large collection of music - mostly CD's, but he also enjoys vinyl - he says he likes the sound of it. He does not play any instrument himself, but attends a lot of concerts, and listens to a wide variety of music genres - everything from Classic to Opera and Heavy Metal.

Øyvind hopes to see most of you very soon, and looks forward to being a piece of the puzzle to solve mystery of the breathtaking sound experience.

Contact Øyvind on email: 

or telephone +47 9400 2812