New R&D Engineer

SEAS proudly announces our new R&D engineer, Mr. Diego Ivars from Alicante, Spain.

As of medio October, Diego is employed in our R&D Dept, contributing with high competence and creativity in a SEAS lab that is constantly developing.
We challenged Diego to tell you, with his own words, who he is, and his way to his Masters thesis from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim:

I am Diego Ivars, and am really glad to be a part of the SEAS team from now on. This is the goal I have had, ever since I commenced my studies similar to a bachelor degree in telecommunications. I specialized in “Sound and Image”, and my professor Basilio Pueo encouraged me to keep studying within the field of electro acoustics.
I finished my Master Degree Thesis in NTNU, studying under professor Peter Svensson. The thesis focused on the study of directivity parameters of a loudspeaker, highlighting Directivity Index.
In addition, I developed techniques and programmed software to get an accurate result of the test loudspeaker DI.

In my spare time, I like playing handball, which I have done since I was 6 years old, and I also enjoy playing the drums and bass guitar. My interest for music also sparkled ideas for my own electronic HiFi projects.
I am very much looking forward to working with the rest of the crew here at SEAS, and to get to know and understand more sides of the complex  loudspeaker industry.

Diego can be reached on email

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