Design Passive Radiator

Dear SEAS friend and customer –

The L26ROY subwoofer was designed using highly sophisticated FE modeling to secure perfect symmetry and virtually eliminate all instability. In these critical areas, the L26ROY outperforms all other subwoofers that we tested so far.
After extensive listening evaluations, however, we realized that even a perfect subwoofer cannot perform at its best without addressing the problems created by mounting a high output subwoofer driver in a small, vented enclosure. What was needed, was a perfectly matched passive radiator. An L26ROY mated to such a passive radiator would make it possible to use a compact cabinet volume of only 40 liters, while avoiding all the troubles associated with using a vented port. No more chuffing noise or unwanted resonances!
Introducing the new SL26R Passive Radiator from SEAS:
The SL26R is a perfect acoustic and cosmetic match to our L26ROY subwoofer. It uses the same basket and cone assembly, and is supplied with the exact moving mass necessary to perfectly load the L26ROY in a 40 liter enclosure.
The SL26R is:
•    A perfect acoustic and cosmetic match to the L26ROY subwoofer
•    Designed to achieve a 26Hz Helmholz resonance in a 40 liter enclosure using a single passive radiator
•    Tunable by adding or removing mass
•    Usable in pairs to achieve even higher acoustic output.
•    The best solution for eliminating port chuffing, resonances and mid frequency leakage
•    In applications where extreme SPL is needed, two SL26R passive radiatiors can be used with a single L26ROY. In this case, the addition of 200 grams extra mass to each passive radiator will achieve a tuning at 26Hz in a 40 liter cabinet.
•    For further technical details, please refer to the data sheet.
•    The SL26R is now available for all our distributors. Please contact your factory representative or me directly on for further details

We are looking forward to hearing from you.