New R&D Manager

New R&D Manager at SEAS

SEAS of Norway announces Håvard Sollien as new R&D Manager

Dear SEAS Customers and Associates

As of January 1st, I have assumed the position of Manager at the SEAS R&D laboratory, succeeding Mr Olav Arntzen who has advanced to the position as Managing Director of SEAS. I’ve been a part of the SEAS R&D team since August 2007, and have for the last year also been managing the R&D projects.

I have a Master in Acoustics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. My Master Thesis focused on a novel approach of measuring the small-signal parameters of loudspeakers. Other research interests is room-acoustics and perception of sound.

I look forward to all the new and exiting development projects and drivers and to continue our research in solving the mystery of the breathtaking sound experience.

Kind regards,
Håvard Sollien
R&D Manager
SEAS Fabrikker AS