New Prestige Woofer

U18RNX/P – A Dedication to The Art of Sound Perfection
We are proud to present our latest ground breaking bass driver, U18RNX/P.  An 18cm high-fidelity woofer/midrange unit. This is our second driver that uses the Curv cone, following the smaller U16RCY/P. The Curv cone is made from a self-reinforced woven polypropylene material, not to be confused with standard polypropylene. U18RNX/P also utilises the SEAS Spider Ring® technology, keeping the critical components aligned and consistent.

This woven polypropylene combines the great stiffness from a fibre reinforced cone with the high damping properties of the polypropylene. The self reinforcing construction of the material means that the cone can be kept lightweight, without losing stiffness or damping. Combining these properties we have achieved a bass unit which delivers outstanding deep and clean bass notes and the dynamics of a snare drum, while at the same time playing vocals from your favourite singer with the highest fidelity.

The extended range and smooth roll-off of the driver makes it easy to marry with any tweeter, using only a simple filter with a minimum of components. Ensuring that all the dynamics and fine details of the music reaches the musical nerve of the listener, one step closer to musical nirvana.

Samples are available ex stock. Please contact Grethe on for possible sample deliveries and prices.

 In the near future we will also launch a kit utilising this unit together with our highly appreciated DXT-tweeter. Stay tuned!