Autumn 2009

Welcome to SEAS - the world of High End Loudspeaker drivers.

Autumn has always been a busy season for us, and this year is no exception.  The week commencing 14 September, our Managing Director, Mr. Olav Arntzen,  together with  Mr. Jan Paus will be travelling in the UK, visiting customers.

OEM Sales Manager, Mr. Jon Paulsen, will also be travelling extensively the next couple of months. He will attend Top Audio in Milan, as well as the show in Helsinki, Finland, which takes place from Sept 25 to Sept 27. You are most welcome to contact us on  if you want to book a meeting with him during either of these events.

In October we will be represented at the Rocky Mountain Show in Denver. Our US Sales Manager, Mr. John Stone, together with Olav, will represent SEAS in cooperation with North American distributor Madisound. Welcome to stop by the room and listen to an all new kit with our Top Of The Line Exotic drivers. You will be amazed! John and Olav will both be available for meetings too, please send your suggestion for a suitable time to and we will arrange a schedule.

Launch date for our new Prestige woofer with Curv cone is approaching. We aim at sending out samples mid October. Keep stopping by – data sheet and availability will be published soon!

We will solve the mystery of the breathtaking sound experience.