New product launch.

Brand new Curv-cone speaker

Our new 16 cm chassis has already gained an excellent reputation for it’s extremely efficient design, allowing a largest possible effective radiating area for a drive unit this size, without sacrificing mechanical stability.

In this chassis we now proudly introduce a brand new product with a cone made from Curv. Curv is actually a woven, self reinforced polypropylene material with excellent internal damping.

Earlier, polyproplylene cones were mostly used with high loss surrounds. This is not the case with our new Curv cone, which properties allow themselves to be used with low loss surrounds!

Extensive research and listening tests have resulted in a cone profile and a manufacturing formula that ensure an extremely smooth frequency response, which also simplifies cross over designs.

It is our opinion that the new Curv cone is a real improvement over PP-cones, removing disadvantages and is at the same time adding superb qualities. In other words - Curv is PP’s successor, and a much improved one

The U16RCY/P, H1520-08 has proven an applicable woofer, manufactured in Norway with the famous and unique SEAS quality

The U16RCY/P uses the new SEAS SpiderRing® technology.

U16RCY/P will be available for OEM customers from early July. Preorders are taken now.

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or phone +47 6923 3000/Fax +47 6923 3001