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R&D Print

Our principles

In order to make even better loudspeaker drivers and better sound, which will help create
better musical experiences, we in the R&D laboratory will rely on the following principles:

  • Focus on basic research
  • Use the best and most modern measuring techniques
  • Remain open-minded about fine details and the “art-aspect” of a loudspeaker.
  • Never to forget our products are as much about feelings as good design.
  • Keep listening to music
  • Cultivate personal ideas and opinions — and express them in the design process
  • Never reject a new idea without first exploring and understanding it

We in the SEAS laboratory know that many of you embrace one or more of these
principles, and we hope you will share your perspectives with us. We welcome your ideas
and opinions, and we respect them. Our company history contains many examples of
customer's ideas that have sparked new and successful products.