Excel Tweeters

SEAS Excel Dome Tweeters are available in 25 mm, 29 mm and 35mm diaphragm sizes, with dome materials of textile, aluminium, magnesium, beryllium and diamond.

All Excel tweeters utilize extremely stiff die-cast front plate and rear chamber assemblies for maximum stability, excellent heat transfer and minimum cabinet induced vibration.

Excel tweeters feature advanced magnet systems that combine high magnetic flux with optimum venting of the critical areas behind the dome. They utilize magnets of high strength ferrite or neodymium, depending on the model. Large vent holes in the pole piece combined with critically placed damping materials, result in smooth frequency response and low resonance frequency.

In the White Diamond, Millennium, Crescendo and Magnum tweeters our patented Hexadym magnet system further reduces reflections and back pressure by allowing full venting of the voice coil gap and the space behind the dome surround.

Item 25 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
E0006-06 T25CF001 25 mm 700 Fabric, magnetic fluid
E0011-06 T25CF002 25 mm 500 Fabric, hexadym magnet system, magnetic fluid
Item 29 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
E0040-06 T29CF002 25  mm 500 Fabric, hexadym magnet system, Nextel coating
E0058-06 T29B001 25 mm 533 Beryllium, neodymium magnet system
E0100-04 T29D001 25 mm 550 Diamond, hexadym magnet system
Item 35 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
E0055-06 T35C002 35 mm 620 Coated fabric, neodymium magnet system

E0058-06 T29B001

The SEAS T29B001 is an ultra high performance 29mm dome tweeter, featuring high sensitivity and a smooth, extended frequency response.

The dome is made from high purity Beryllium and manufactured to SEAS specifications by Truextent® in the USA. Being extremely stiff and lightweight, this precision dome ensures excellent performance and consistency.

The newly designed magnet system employs a high effi ciency Neodymium ring magnet, combined with shorting rings, to reduce non-linear and modulation distortion. A well-damped vented pole and a rigid rear chamber ensure a low resonance frequency and smooth response.

The 1.5 mm voice coil uses flexible lead-out wires and venting holes in the aluminium coil former, reducing noise to a minimum.

A 7 mm thick precision die-cast aluminium front plate with moderate horn loading ensures linear frequency response and represents an extremely stable platform for the magnet system and the moving parts.

Material Safety Datasheet

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Frequency response
F Seas Excel loudspeaker tweeter E0058 T29B001   D Seas Excel loudspeaker tweeter E0058 T29B001

S Seas Excel loudspeaker tweeter E0058 T29B001

 *IEC 268-5, via High Pass Butterworth Filter 2500Hz 12 dB/oct. SEAS reserves the right to change technical data