Excel Woofers

The SEAS Excel woofer Line offers 2 proprietary cone materials, available in drivers sized from 12 cm to 26 cm. SEAS is the only loudspeaker company in the world to offer high purity, die-cast and machined magnesium cones. These cones feature extremely high stiffness along with good internal damping. SEAS Excel Magnesium cone drivers are world renowned for their high definition, low distortion and sound reproduction.

For those listeneres preferring soft cone drivers, the SEAS Excel Line offers our exclusive Nextel series. Excel Nextel drives feature a "sandwich" construction of paper, coated with Nextel paint on the front surface and damping compound on the rear. The resulting cone is both lightweight and well damped; offering an extreremly linear frequency response.

All SEAS Excel woofers feature advanced motor structures utilizing copper shorting rings above and below the gap, as well as solid metal phase plugs for superior acoustical performance and enhanced cooling.


Item 12cm units  VC diam  Fo VAS  QTS Features
E0021-08S  W12CY001 26 mm 45 Hz 6 liter  0.36 Magnesium cone
E0044-08S W12CY003 26 mm 60 Hz 4 liter  0.36 Nextel coated paper cone
Item 15cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0015-08S W15CY001  26 mm  38 Hz  14  0.36  Magnesium cone
E0037-08S W15CH001 26 mm 38 Hz 14 0.42 Magnesium cone, Hexadym system
E0041-08S W15LY001 26 mm 49 Hz 12 0.45 Nextel coated paper cone and chassis
E0043-06S M15CH002 26 mm 67 Hz  6 0.40 Nextel coated paper cone and chassis, Hexadym system
Item 16cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0049-04S W16NX001 39 mm 37 Hz 15 liter 0.33 Magnesium cone
E0049-08S W16NX001 39 mm 39 Hz 14 liter 0.35 Magnesium cone
E0073-08 W16NX003 39 mm 36 Hz 17 liter 0.34 Graphene magnesium cone
Item 18cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0017-08S W18EX001 39 mm 34 Hz 30 0.26 Magnesium cone
E0018-08S W18E001 39 mm 34 Hz 30 0.42 Magnesium cone
E0042-08S W18NX001 39 mm 40 Hz 24 0.34 Nextel coated cone and chassis
E0074-08 W18EX003 39 mm 32 Hz 29 0.30 Graphene magnesium cone
Item 19cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0076-08 W19NX001 39 mm 34 Hz 24 0.41 Graphene magnesium cone
Item 22cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Feastures
E0022-08S W22EX001 39 mm 25 Hz 98 liter 0.34 Magnesium cone
E0045-08S W22NY001 39 mm 33 Hz 72 liter 0.30 Nextel coated cone and chassis
Item 26cm units VC diam Fo VAS QTS Features
E0026-08S W26FX001  52 mm  20 Hz  162 liter  0.35  Aluminium/magnesium alloy cone
E0046-08S  W26FX002  52 mm  31 Hz 87 liter  0.39 Nextel coated paper cone and chassis

E0076-08 W19NX001

The precision cast, machined and Graphene treated magnesium cone acts as a piston through the working frequency band without showing any sign of midrange resonances.

A titanium voice coil former with a long copper winding for excellent force transfer, transient sound reproduction and large linear excursion. A unique radial reinforced rubber surround reduces radial resonances and prevents surround break up at large excursions. This combination results in very low mechanical damping for better clarity and brings out the micro details in the music.

An FEA optimised magnet system with precisely fitted copper parts for excellent linearity, high power handling and low distortion.

The extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket keeps the critical components in perfect alignment. Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.

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s seas Excel loudspeaker woofer 6.5 inch 19 cm E0076 08 W19NX001
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Frequency response
F Seas Excel loudspeaker woofer E0076 08 W19NX001   D Seas Excel loudspeaker woofer E0076 08 W19NX001

TS Seas Excel loudspeaker woofer E0076 08 W19NX001

 *IEC 268-5 SEAS reserves the right to change technical data