Prestige Tweeters

Welcome to our SEAS Prestige tweeter product line.

We have dome tweeters with 19 and 25mm voice coil diameters and different surround diameters. The rigid chassis are made from glass filled engineering plastic materials by injection moulding. Further, the chassis may be custom designed to specified shapes, surface finishes, fixing holes, logos etc, within wide limits.

We offer dome diaphragms made from soft materials such as impregnated fabric, aluminium and titanium. The latter is equipped with a soft surround which suspends the dome diaphragm in a compliant, but precise and dependable manner. All dome diaphragms and surrounds are made in-house at SEAS, except for anodized aluminium and titanium.

The relatively fragile aluminium diaphragms may be protected by wire mesh or perforated metal grilles, or by plastic diffusers. The diffusers also linearize the frequency response to an amazing degree.

The latest addition to our range of tweeters is the SEAS Prestige DXT® tweeter, with controlled wide dispersion.
All SEAS tweeters are available with magnetic fluid in two different viscosities, which improves the heat transfer from the voice coil.

Item 19 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
H0532-08 19TAFD/G 19 mm 1700 Aluminium dome, magnetic fluid, double magnet
H0737-08 19TFF 1 19 mm 1700 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid
H1280-06 22TFF 19 mm 1050 Fabric dome, wide surround
H1283-06 22TAF/G 19 mm 1100 Aluminium dome, wide surround
Item 27 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
H0831-06 27TFF 25 mm 1200 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid
H0881-06 27TFFC 25 mm 550 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid, rear chamber
H1147-06 27TBC/G 25 mm 600 Aluminium dome, rear chamber
H1149-06 27TDC 25 mm 550 Fabric dome, rear chamber
H1189-06 27TDFC 25 mm 550 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid, rear chamber
H1210-06 27TDFC/TV 25 mm 800 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid, rear chamber, shielded
H1212-06 27TBFC/G 25 mm 550 Aluminium dome, magnetic fluid, rear chamber
H1213-06 27TBFC/GTV 25 mm 750 Aluminium dome, magnetic fluid, rear chamber, shielded
H1499-06 27TBCD/GB-DXT 25 mm 900 Aluminium dome, rear chamber, DXT lens faceplate
Item 29 series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
H1318-06 29TFF/W 25 mm 950 Fabric dome, tinsel lead outs
Item Neodymium series VC diam Fo in Hz Features
H1396-04 27TFFNC/G 25 mm 1170 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid, chamber
H1397-04 27TAFNC/D 25 mm 1170 Aluminium dome, magnetic fluid, chamber
H1406-04 27TFFNC/CG 25 mm 1170 Fabric dome, magnetic fluid, chamber, cropped faceplate

H1396-04 27TFFNC/G

Compact design neodymium magnet tweeter for high quality speaker designs in small cabinets or automobiles.

Sonolex precoated lightweight fabric diaphragm and suspension allows for very tight production tolerances and high consistency.

Wide roll surround together with a double chamber magnet system results in a low fundamental frequency.

Very low magnetic stray fields make this unit suitable for A/V systems.

The voice coil is immersed in magnetic fluid, allowing high power handling capacity and simplified crossover design.

pdf Download Datasheet 27TFFNC/G
Frequency response
f_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_tweeter_h1396_27tffnc_g.jpg   d_seas_prestige_loudspeaker_tweeter_h1396_27tffnc_g.jpg


 *IEC 268-5, via High Pass Butterworth Filter 2500Hz 12 dB/oct. SEAS reserves the right to change technical data