Large meeting room

Our SEAS AV-60 is our smallest auditorium speaker and a ideal choice for a large video conferencing room. We define large rooms as above 60 squaremeter.

Seas large meeting room

Using SEAS AV-60 as large meeting room speaker system in your setup provides the best possible audio quality.

The unique DXT tweeter we are using in this speaker model delivers exceptional good dispersion and ensures all participants, wherever seated, the same high intelligibility.

The 22 cm bass driver in this system will give you the increased sound pressure you need in a large meeting room. 

If you still need more bass, we will recommend our AV-22SUB for this purpose

SEAS AV-60 highlights

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extreme speech intelligibility
  • Exceptional good radiation of sound
  • Automatic feedback protection
  • Discreet and timeless design
  • VESA100 fixing with NEMKO Approval

  • AV-60 surround family cropped

  • SEAS AV-22 Sub Front
  • SEAS AV-22 SUB Couple
  • SEAS AV-22 Sub Back